Zainab Nasser


Zainab Nasser wears many different hats – Wife, Mother of 2 children with health conditions of their own, Daughter to a mother with Cancer, Registered Nurse and Business Owner…All while dealing with her own injuries after a car accident in 2017!! Zainab truly understands what it feels like to “burn-out” while not knowing what resources are available to overcome the problem at hand. Due to her current life and family dynamics, Zainab is currently enrolled in an integrative wellness program, with plans on pursuing her Nurse Practitioner License in the near future


In this 50-minute session you will learn about:

1.) the insidious and transformational nature of TBIs 
2.) workplace challenges for those TBI survivors
3.) workplace resolutions for TBI survivors and patients. 

This is a deeply personal topic to Zainab, to Dr. AJ, to over 5.2 million Americans with diagnosed and reported Traumatic Brain Injuries, and to the many million who have yet to be diagnosed.

Many of these individuals could be your employees, coworkers, colleagues, peers or leaders. 

Join us so you can learn about their daily realities and how to make your workspaces and environments more equitable and inclusive for all of us!

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