Taylor Roa

Manager of Talent Acquisition at Wistia

Taylor is currently the Manager of Talent Acquisition at Wistia, a people-first video tech company based in Cambridge, MA. He has championed Diversity & Inclusion in recruiting throughout his career. He advocates for the importance of bringing diversity values out of the recruiting function and instead prioritizing them throughout a business as a whole. While diversity can be broken in a recruiting function, it cannot be fixed solely by the recruiting function when hiring managers ultimately own the hiring decision and these individual decisions are made independently across the business. Building rich, diverse teams takes leadership and accountability from the top down as well as shared values, language and understanding of D&I across the business. The question should not be “How can TA produce diverse teams for us?” but rather “How do we build a company culture around actively seeking and celebrating difference?”

Preferred Pronouns:
New York, NY
Talent Acquisition at Wistia