Shadora Ford

Founder of Destined for Greatness Mentoring Initiative!

Shadora L. Ford was born on August 6, 1989 at Samaritan Hospital (5555 Conner) exactly 2:56 pm she entered the world and greeted her proud parents. Shadora attended Detroit Public Schools and was always active in school activities, clubs and sports teams. Over the years she received awards, trophies and also disciplinary actions govern by unacceptable behavior.  At this point Shadora was labeled a smart but at-risk youth without a doubt statics were on the sides of those who counted her out.
By the age 16 Shadora had secured a spot on the Denby High School Girls basketball team, softball team, cross country track team, President of The Denby Christian Club, Vice Presidents of T.O.P.S (Teens Outreach to Prevent Substance Abuse) and nominated by her peers as most likely to succeed! The accomplishments still were not enough to raise the statistics off a young lady born into a drug infested neighborhood and raised by a single mother.
She successfully graduated Denby High School June 13, 2007 and went on to Wayne County Community College to study Pre-Mortuary Science while attending a pilot program at Wayne State University. WCCCD hired Shadora as a work study to work in the library and gain book keeping skills and an opportunity to service the public. The Wayne State University Mortuary pilot program allowed students the opportunity to get up close and personal with embalming bodies and hands on experiences with corpses that were donated for study purposes. At both schools she was the youngest of her classmates, which never seemed to amaze her, giving she blended well but missed serving those who needed her most the living beings.
By the age of 18 Shadora enrolled into the ROSS IES youth program where she worked amongst her peer group and enforced positive change and fairness for everyone. Her supervisor Reno Wright changed her position to Administrative Assistant and increased her work load which afforded her the opportunity for another promotion from ROSS IES Human Resources to work at one of the Michigan Works One Stops Centers located at 5555 Conner St. In that position as Customer Service Liaison there was a script to answer the phone and a script to assist customer’s onsite. Sometimes Shadora deviated from the script and extended her position requirements with the knowledge she possess to help job seekers and those coming in need of important resources. The saying if you always do what’s right you never have to worry about getting caught doing wrong. This metaphor served her well as she encountered Career One Stop secret shopper’s who submitted their reports and giving her 5 stars in each category rated. She was awarded incentives by the company and given accolades from her co-workers but that wasn’t her goal.
In late May of 2010 Michigan Works One Stop announced its layoffs due to failure of contract renewal with the City of Detroit Employment Solutions and many feared this day would come but for a young lady full of life this was just a stepping stone. In June 2010 Shadora met her first youth of Black Family Development  and with great mentorship of her own she became ready for the challenge. In 2010 Shadora became Ms. Ford and now serve over 500 plus girls in the Metro Detroit, runs College Ready/ Entrepreneurship Camps (Wayne State & Oakland University) employees Detroit youth through G.D.Y.T program. Ms. Ford is employed with the Mayor’s Office in the Department of Neighborhoods as a District 4 VISTA. The same girl who was counted out is now being counted on and a WCW- Women Counting Wins!!! It’s not how you start it’s more of how you plan to finish. Born at 5555 Conner wasn’t a coincidence it was destiny leading to a destination of how excellence is born.

Her Statement: I will always serve my community and love the people in it. I have met many people, shook lots of hands and kissed babies with no political agenda at this time I just want to see Justice, Equity and Racial Equality prevail…


Preferred Pronouns:
Destined for Greatness Mentoring Initiative!