Rose Bear Don’t Walk

Fellow for the Future at 500 Women Scientists

Rose Bear Don’t Walk seeks to bridge science, culture and health through her work with traditional indigenous foods and native plants of northwest Montana. A longtime resident of the Flathead Indian Reservation, Rose is a descendant of the Bitterroot Salish and Crow tribes of the state. She has a BA in Political Science from Yale University. Recently, Rose received a masters of science in environmental studies from the University of Montana having centered her research on the longstanding relationships Salish people have formed with local edible flora and its implications for community health and cultural longevity. She is also a consultant with Indigenous PACT, Pbc which helps tribal entities in health and healthcare. Rose hopes to increase awareness and usage of traditional food plants while also promoting healthy culturally-relevant habits in her Salish community as a 500 Women Scientists Fellow for the Future. She is a powwow dancer, dog lover, cook, runner, Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner and rotating host of the YouTube series SciShow.

Preferred Pronouns:
Saint Ignatius, MT, Flathead Indian Reservation
500 Women Scientists