Ron Sandison

Professor and Presenter

Ron Sandison works full time in the medical field and is a professor of theology at Destiny School of Ministry. He is an advisory board member of Autism Society Faith Initiative of Autism Society of American, the Art of Autism, and the Els Center of Excellence. Sandison has a Master of Divinity from Oral Roberts University and is the author of A Parent’s Guide to Autism: Practical Advice. Biblical Wisdom published by Charisma House and Thought, Choice, Action. He has memorized over 15,000 Scriptures including 22 complete books of the New Testament. Sandison speaks at over 70 events a year including 20 plus education conferences. Sandison founded Spectrum Inclusion which empowers young adults with autism for employment. Ron and his wife, Kristen, reside in Rochester Hills, MI, with daughter, Makayla. His website is You can contact him at [email protected]


In this empowering 50-minute session, you will gain insights from a sought after global expert on:

1.) Autism and diversity and the diversity within Autistic communities
2.) the strengths that autistic people can bring to your workspaces, and,
3.) the benefits you will gain by leveraging the power of inclusion equitably

In addition, you will learn about the unique ways in which autistic people are able to transform our world for the better.

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