Harout Nazerian

Chief Strategy Officer

Harout is Chief Strategy Officer for AuraNexus where he drives the strategic development and growth of the company in leveraging its technology to achieve the fundamental goal of reconnecting people and improving learning for the greater benefit of society. He is a successful business professional and entrepreneur in the venture capital community with over a decade of cross-functional experiences across various industries. He has an everlasting passion to help people and leverage his versatility and leadership to help support individuals, startups, and small and medium-sized businesses problem solve and succeed. His career spans from being an entrepreneur and engineer to being a leader and consultant working with cross-functional and international teams on projects with budgets from $0 – $1B+. As a former entrepreneur now with an MBA from UCLA Anderson, he has helped startups, small businesses, governments, and large, international corporations across many industries set goals, identify sound strategies, and execute them flawlessly. He finds time to support local schools and nonprofits through his involvement in the community and loves spending time with his family.  


Harout Nazerian and Andrew Kimmel for AuraNexus

Psychological safety and trust in conversations is critical for engagement. Yet, as we move into more automated, over-engineered workspaces that don’t seem to be addressing these very human issues, how do we build psychologically safe workspaces that allow us to shift power dynamics to make them more equitable? 

Enter AuraNexus! A brand new AI based technology that is on a mission to revolutionize video content and training and development delivery mechanisms by building conversational empathy, safety and judgment free experiences!

In this 50-minute session, Harout and Andrew will:

1.) highlight the lack of meaningful conversations around DEI & B issues happening right now,
2.) address how employees can shift the balance of power toward those with lived experiences of marginalization
3.) suggest solutions that C-suite leaders and anyone else who is interested in intentional allyship can implement 


When you join this session, you get front-row seats to the unveiling of a brand new proprietary technology that will be revealed to attendees for the first time EVER!

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