Dr Sherice Nelson

Principal Consultant

Dr. Sherice Janaye Nelson is a speaker, author, professor, mother and consultant. She is a Black Diaspora expert who focuses on the political, social, and economic effects of chattel slavery. This expertise has helped her serve her clients as a diversity and includes consultant and founder of Dr. Janaye Executes. She is also the Executive Director of the Black Leadership Roundtable and a member of the advisory board for the Center for Racial Justice at Dillard University. Dr. Nelson’s new book The Congressional Black Caucus: Fifty Years of Fighting for Equality is due out Spring, 2021. She is currently a professor at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


In this 50-minute session, Dr. Nelson will be discussing how to:

1.) stop making missteps when leading your organization toward equity
2.) build trust with staff by showing them you take equity and inclusion seriously, and,
3.) look within without guilt or shame, but with courage to restore and reimagine the workplace.
And, thats not all! Dr. Nelson will use her expertise and executive coaching experience to inspire you to connect with and communicate across racial constructs. 

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