Dr Diem Mooney

Industrial Organizational Psychologist, PhD

I/O Psychologist with specializations in human computer interaction, organizational service design, and professional development. I’m a Human Experience practitioner experienced working in e-commerce, government, healthcare, and technology. Hybrid OD and UX strategist that is comfortable employing sound methodologies to maximize user experience, system design, employer branding, and workforce development. Specializes in test development and statistical analysis for evidence-based decision making.


In this 50-minute session, Dr. Diem will be walking you through:

1.) standardizing candidate evaluations through metrics to improve your recruitment and hiring processes
2.) standardizing employee evaluations through metrics to have more effective, measurable benchmarks that are equitable, and,
3.) developing ethical practices around metrics utilization.

In addition, Dr. Diem will be discussing some high level strategies on developing universal DEI evaluation metrics that can be used as an industry standard. 

This session will focus not just on race or gender. It will take you on a deep dive into establishing a way to effectively evaluate DEO from the perspective of language used, cultural implications and ethical considerations.

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