Daniel Moen

Founder & CEO, Dijuri Media

Dan Moen, also goes by his stage name, Dijuri, is a graphic designer, photographer, musician, community organizer, activist, and stage performer who resides in Metro Detroit. Born in the Philippines and adopted to the United States, Dan grew up with a transracial and transnational identity. In 2017, Dan was reunited with his biological family through social media and travelled back to regain a sense of belonging with his newly reunited family. His experiences led him to pursue a passion for studying cultures, philosophy, sociology, and anthropology. Dan has become deeply involved in multiple non-profits and various multicultural communities. He is the Marketing and Communication’s Chair for the Council of Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA), a member of the Filipino National Historical Society (FANHS), and a volunteer graphic designer and instructor for the Philippine American Community Center in Southfield. With his passion for studying humanity as well as art & design, Dan went to Oakland University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Integrative Studies focusing on Advertising, Marketing, Sociology, and Communication. Dan has produced two musical albums which are available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and other musical platforms. To learn more about Dan visit his website, dijurimedia.com.

Preferred Pronouns:
Metro Detroit
Dijuri Media