Ayanna Pope

Founder & CEO at Ascended Volition, L3C

Ayanna Mann-Pope, was born in the city of Detroit, MI. At 30 years old, Ayanna is the author of two books, both released in the year 2016: “Living From Fullness; Acting Empty” (The Perfect Love Story for The Bruised) & “The Beasts Hidden In The Beauty of Success” (Meeting The Rose of Your Purpose) where she puts her pen to the paper as the spiritual counselor and Certified Life Coach. Through her company Ascended Volition, L3C (established in 2016), Ayanna not only devotes herself as a healer and coach but as a creator who establishes platforms for individuals to function in their divine purposes to carry out and finish those things which each person has been called.

One of the platforms that Ayanna has created through her company includes Silver Line RADIO (2018), a Christian/Inspirational internet radio station that aims to help individuals along their journey through its various radio broadcasts and music…”Bringing Light! Bringing Life! Bringing Truth!” Another platform established (2020)  is Paradigm Television Network, created to help restore individuals and families [worldwide] through restored television. In addition to Ayanna Pope’s accomplishment in 2019 in debuting her first single as a Christian recording artist entitled “The Cross Was Still There”, Ayanna lives her life as symbol of hope and light to all whom she serves helping to ignite the fire with each to rise above all obstacles and be their best selves unapologetically.

Preferred Pronouns:
Ascended Volition, L3C