Myth: There is a shortage of diverse talent and diverse service providers.

CEO of Wells Fargo and almost all other current leaders.

Truth!: There is a seeing and hearing problem that renders diverse talent invisible. This problem is a combination of our natural human biases and the algorithms we have created with them that discount and minimize anyone who is “different” from the prescribed keywords and assumptions.

Those of us who are different – different looking from the “status quo”, different thinking from the “status quo” or differently abled from the “status quo” know this truth. We live this truth every day. If we are not intentionally included, we are automatically excluded in our workspaces, community spaces and in society at large.

At AJ Rao, LLC, we decided to tackle this problem head on, because we believe in Making the Invisible Visible – in mental wellbeing, authenticity, intersectionalities and interconnectedness, and, in intentional inclusion.

Welcome to the C3EB Diverse Expert and Talent Database

  • That piece of paper called a “resume” or a “CV” is not the first gatekeeper that holds you back from the success and opportunities that you deserve
  • You personally get onboarded on a 1:1 call to answer all of your questions and to make sure that your experience is custom tailored to your unique needs
  • You’re not just one of an untold number of “resumes” on a job site
  • We personally market YOU the person using video
  • We shine the spotlight on your drive, ambition and core competencies that make you a great worker or a great expert service provider
  • We create the space for you as a service provider to share your expertise with the world

And there’s more coming as we build this database to disrupt the entire faulty talent management ecosystem that we’re currently operating in.

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All candidates on this database go through an application process to make sure we can serve them in our best capacity. The existence of a profile on this database does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement from AJ Rao, LLC, C3EB Summit and Brand or any of their affiliates, partners and team members, unless otherwise noted. Profile owners are responsible for keeping their information accurate and up-to-date.