Daily Schedules – November

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Santosh Mathew:

In this conversational and insightful 50-minute session, Santosh will:

1.) shed light on how DEI initiatives truly strengthen an organization, when implemented effectively

2.) provide insights on how employee engagement and employee retention can be enhanced exponentially, and,

3.) how you can mitigate and reduce your talent management issues using intentional inclusion

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Dr. Sherice J. Nelson

In this 50-minute session, Dr. Nelson will be discussing how to:

1.) stop making missteps when leading your organization toward equity

2.) build trust with staff by showing them you take equity and inclusion seriously, and,

3.) look within without guilt or shame, but with courage to restore and reimagine the workplace.

And, thats not all! Dr. Nelson will use her expertise and executive coaching experience to inspire you to connect with and communicate across racial constructs. 

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Zanzibar Vermiglio

Join us for this transformational 50-minute session to learn more about:

1.) what visionary leadership actually means
2.) what are your responsibilities and roles as a visionary leader
3.) creating a game where everyone around can’t help but be inspired to take meaningful actions.

This topic and training is an area in which Zanzibar is a sought after expert! He has trained thousands of leaders in this space at this point. And, now, you get to learn from him!

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Dr. Diem

In this 50-minute session, Dr. Diem will be walking you through:

1.) standardizing candidate evaluations through metrics to improve your recruitment and hiring processes
2.) standardizing employee evaluations through metrics to have more effective, measurable benchmarks that are equitable, and,
3.) developing ethical practices around metrics utilization.

In addition, Dr. Diem will be discussing some high level strategies on developing universal DEI evaluation metrics that can be used as an industry standard. 

This session will focus not just on race or gender. It will take you on a deep dive into establishing a way to effectively evaluate DEO from the perspective of language used, cultural implications and ethical considerations.

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Jennifer McGinley

In Jennifer’s 50-minute session, you will get to dial in and hone in on:

1.) Why and how storytelling is vital for public relations and communications programs and campaigns,
2.) how to create an emotional bond between your organization and all of your stakeholders to increase your impact, and,
3.) how vulnerable story tellers are the greatest assets your organization can have and how to nurture and cherish them with respect and dignity

In this completely digital world, we all struggle with engagement tactics. Who better to teach us about authentic communications and engagement than someone who has walked this walk day in and day out for more than 25 years!

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Ronald Sandison

In this empowering 50-minute session, you will gain insights from a sought after global expert on:

1.) Autism and diversity and the diversity within Autistic communities
2.) the strengths that autistic people can bring to your workspaces, and,
3.) the benefits you will gain by leveraging the power of inclusion equitably

In addition, you will learn about the unique ways in which autistic people are able to transform our world for the better.

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Dr. David Glover

In this 50-minute session, you will get a deep dive into:

1.) the construction of stigmatization so you can understand how to demystify it
2.) the recorded impact and trajectory when we stigmatize seeking help versus when we de-stigmatize it
3.) the roles that all of us play knowingly or unknowingly, and how we can be better and do better.

This session will first raise your awareness, then sensitize and educate you on a persistent issue that is relevant to many religious groups, and, finally, will give you some implementable resources to develop de-stigmatizing programming and measures. 

Think of it as an entire semester’s worth of education packed into one session! That’s how valuable this is going to be, so don’t miss out!

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Lubna Baig (Lexie)

In this 50-minute session Lubna, fondly known as Lexie in her communities, will lead us on a journey of:

1.) understanding subtle ableist terms and casual ableism in the healthcare and corporate environments
2.) realizing the obstacles to inclusion for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and the nuances that intersectionalities of race and gender add to this
3.) resolutions to provide room for authentic, intentional, equitable inclusion at the corporate level.

And thats not all! There’s more packed into this session, but you’ll just have to attend to find out what that is!

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Harout Nazerian and Andrew Kimmel for AuraNexus

Psychological safety and trust in conversations is critical for engagement. Yet, as we move into more automated, over-engineered workspaces that don’t seem to be addressing these very human issues, how do we build psychologically safe workspaces that allow us to shift power dynamics to make them more equitable? 

Enter AuraNexus! A brand new AI based technology that is on a mission to revolutionize video content and training and development delivery mechanisms by building conversational empathy, safety and judgment free experiences!

In this 50-minute session, Harout and Andrew will:

1.) highlight the lack of meaningful conversations around DEI & B issues happening right now,
2.) address how employees can shift the balance of power toward those with lived experiences of marginalization
3.) suggest solutions that C-suite leaders and anyone else who is interested in intentional allyship can implement 


When you join this session, you get front-row seats to the unveiling of a brand new proprietary technology that will be revealed to attendees for the first time EVER!

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Tim Goldstein

As a Neurodiverse Communications Specialist – and the only one in the world right now doing specifically what he does – Tim has a brilliantly nuanced understanding of neurodiversity. 

In this mind opening 50-minute session Tim will be shedding light on:

1.) Understanding how Autism is a way of being for Autistic people
2.) how you are neurodiverse too
3.) simple strategies to bridge communication gaps between neurodistinct people.

You will walk away with insights on how radically different thought processes are for different people, and, you will also have implementable action steps to address these challenges in your workspaces and environments. 

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Andrew Roby

In this 50-minute session where you will learn:

1.) Why there needs to be an overhaul on Supplier Diversity Programs
2.) Ways in which leaders and HR Departments can improve hiring practices
3.) the role that the event industry can play in bringing the spirit of your organization to life!

This session is not about some surface level information that you can get by reading blog articles from a Google search! He will be diving in deep and bringing out all of those hidden issues we like to sweep under the rug. 

You’ll walk away with actionable steps to bring about equitable changes, a deep understanding of the role of events in DEI efforts, and, breaking the status quo to be better and do better!

Join us for this refreshingly honest session and for the whole summit!

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Alan Wallner

Have you ever wondered how our experiences with those who are radically different than what we’ve been taught to believe can change our whole lives to make us better visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders?

This powerful personal narrative by Alan Wallner, President of Conscious Branding is packed with lesson on business, branding, and leadership based on his personal journey with his transgender daughter and what she taught him!

You will walk away from this 50-minute session with a deep understanding of:

1.) the learning mindset it takes to accept and love people for who they truly are
2.) leveraging change to your benefit by surrendering to it
3.) a conscious approach to business to have the social impact you want to have

And that’s not all! Alan will be sharing exercises and examples to help guide you through your own journey to become a better parent, a better professional and a better leader.

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Zainab Nasser

In this 50-minute session you will learn about:

1.) the insidious and transformational nature of TBIs 
2.) workplace challenges for those TBI survivors
3.) workplace resolutions for TBI survivors and patients. 

This is a deeply personal topic to Zainab, to Dr. AJ, to over 5.2 million Americans with diagnosed and reported Traumatic Brain Injuries, and to the many million who have yet to be diagnosed.

Many of these individuals could be your employees, coworkers, colleagues, peers or leaders. 

Join us so you can learn about their daily realities and how to make your workspaces and environments more equitable and inclusive for all of us!

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Ruthie Bowles

Tune in to this funny, educational, and radically authentic 50-minute session with Ruthie to find out more about:

1.) Why authenticity really matters in growing your business
2.) The impact authenticity has on marketing AND sales, and,
3.) How authenticity makes you a more effective leader.

And this isn’t all you’ll learn! Delivered in Ruthie’s truly unique style that combines her experiences, insights, wisdom, and her impeccable sense of timing on imbuing her presentations with a sense of humor, you’ll be left in wonder at how much you learn through your laughter!

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Jena Hernandez


Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta, PhD

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