2 Ways Infrastructure Investment Can Improve Equity

Infrastructure equity: shows image of person standing over a pothole.

One of the first things we think of when we think of infrastructure is roads. But infrastructure includes things like electricity lines, water pipes, and grocery stores too. Infrastructure is like a web that connects communities physically and virtually. This is almost poetic, considering that infrastructure equity can improve health, financial, and educational outcomes for […]

Environmental Segregation: We Aren’t Breathing The Same Air

environmental segregation

One of my favorite things about my neighborhood is my privilege to step outside and inhale pure (as I can get) air while I look over my goats and flock of chickens and ducks. Yes, my neighbors have mistaken me for my kids’ sitter. But that first breath every morning is worth it.  Oh, what […]

Tech and Data Inequity: We’re Not All Moving Into the Future Together

tech and data inequity

Access to technology seems like a given for many of us. And therein lies our privilege. While I was doing the research for this article, I said to my husband, “Honey, I couldn’t imagine not having great internet.” “Yeah, me neither,” he said.  But the fact that I could even continue running my consulting business […]

3 Disturbing Health Inequities in the United States

health inequity

When we’re at the doctor, we’re in one of our most vulnerable positions, aren’t we? We’ve come to see a person who has had years of schooling. They’re going to influence life-altering decisions. If they don’t give proper care, whether completely accidental or through gross negligence, we could die. So why do we have such […]

Corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Hiding Our Whole Selves at Work

corporate diversity equity and inclusion

It’s funny, but even during my research on bias and discrimination in the corporate workplace, I primarily ran into content regarding gender bias. These numbers are compelling and the research is important, of course. But when someone looks up “unconscious bias in the corporate world,” they should see more than the research on gender bias. […]

Prisons and Voting Inequity: The Secret (But Not Really) Relationship


You probably clicked to read this blog post for one of two reasons:  You already know what I’m going to say, and you’re coming along for the ride. Your forehead wrinkled in confusion as you wondered what the prison system has to do with voting rights.  Either way, you’re here now, and I hope you […]

Equity in Business and Entrepreneurship

equity in business and entrepreneurship diversity equity and inclusion

Anyone can start a business. These days, the bare minimum you need to start a business is an internet connection. There are challenges to starting a business with physical assets, namely access to capital. But if you wanted to start a business, any business, you could. So what inequities could possibly exist in this sphere […]

Economic and Financial Equity

economic and financial equity

Economic and financial equity is a tough topic to tackle, largely due to the fact that many people are blind to it. The chorus of “Well, I didn’t grow up rich,” becomes overwhelming when someone tries to highlight this issue. I’m going to do my best anyway. Because creating economic and financial equity in our […]

Educational Equity

educational equity

Have you heard of Brown v. Board of Education? It probably tickles something in your mind because it was the landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision that forced the federal, state, and local governments to open public schools to all children. The Justice System ruled that separate was, in fact, not equal.  Many of us learned […]

Societal and Cultural Equity and Belongingness


One of the tracks for the Cultural Competent Conversations on Equity and Belongingness (C3EB) Summit is societal and cultural equity. This track largely focuses on some of the inequalities and inequities built within our society. The implications of these inequities are often overlooked because you have to consider the ripple effect they have on our […]